Let’s Talk Mental Health

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This project is dedicated to destigmatizing mental health conversations by a non White clinican for non white people. This project aims to quiet the noise of trending topics by getting to the meat of ‘what does this all mean?’.


Welcome to Let’s Talk Mental Health!

With a rise in mental health facts being thrown around in our social media world today, it can be difficult to know what’s true. As someone who’s left with more questions than answers after learning something new, I often hesitate to do a deep dive on what I’m learning–like, where do I begin?

The intention of this blog is to offer ‘the break down’, the synthesize-ation, the interpretation, and the facts of common mental health terms and topics. In essence, this is an offer to the world on all things mental health in a way that is engaging and accessible.

Let’s Talk Mental Health was created by Giovanna Torres, founder of Ola Sol Therapy.

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